Runaway Rants; Running on Empty


One thing Tari and I have always agreed upon is the fact that words can mean very different things depending on who is saying them. Our decision to choose ‘runaway’ as our keyword has nothing to do with denying the reality of adulting, and everything to do with rediscovering our ability to keep on adulting without going on a rampage and punching cakes at supermarkets.


On one of the days where I most felt like I was at my wit’s end, and I could not deal with my office for one more day, I posted a rant on my Path. Tari, who was feeling pretty much the same way, called me up and said, “I have this crazy idea. I think you’ll love it. Meet up with me after work.”

During dinner, Tari outlined her plan to go to Australia using a working holiday visa for a year, and then to travel for as long or as far as she could, depending on the situation. I didn’t think twice, I said yes immediately. At the time, we were both a little bit broken hearted over how frustrated we were at work. We’re not really the type to stay in jobs we don’t like, and we’re firm believers that you have to like your 9-to-5 at least 60% of the time. So the disappointment of not liking work really hit us hard.


Honestly, I kid you not – we really like working. I was lucky enough that my last job as a corporate slave still allowed me to unleash my creative side, and Tari has a well-earned reputation as a kickass strategic planner. When we first met, we bonded over the fact that we were both semi-workaholics who tended to use weekends for freelance-work – sometimes because we needed the extra cash, and sometimes it was because a fresh new challenge was the best thing to jump start our waning enthusiasm. But at the end of the day, our freelance jobs were starting to feel like quick fix-its that only glazed over the surface levels of our problems.


A working holiday visa is a type of visa which allows travellers to work while they travel in the visa issuing country. The working holiday visa was created for young travellers, and usually have age restrictions. Basically with the working holiday visa you can hop from city to city to your heart’s content, you can experience living abroad without the burden and/or commitment of having to apply for school or going through the lengthy process of finding a work sponsorship. You can check here for the full list of which countries provide working holiday visas, and which countries can apply for them.


The working holiday visa places a huge emphasis on the holiday part, and as two girls on the verge of a burnout, we personally felt like this was the best way for us to take a step back, recharge, and figure out our next move. We talked it over after our initial meeting, and the idea of taking some time off made more and more sense as we went along.


And so was born ‘tworunaways’. On the verge of sneakily tripping people up left and right for stress relief, we realized that maybe we needed to get some perspective on what we wanted from our work. We stripped everything down and rediscovered our cores, writing for me, design and photography for Tari.


The website had been a vague concept we wanted to work on, another item on our to-do list during weekends. We eventually realized that maybe this was the perfect way to not only stay in touch with the skills we’ve developed for work, but to hone it further so that we have something else stored in our arsenal for when we go back to Jakarta, and back to our daily grind.


With content creators who love to make things difficult for themselves at the helm, the website quickly grew from its original concept of just us sending things into the abyss that is the internet. It’s become a travel diary of our past adventures, and as a way for us share all the things we’ve discovered along the way. And more importantly – to show that exploration doesn’t have to be so complicated.



We’re running away from reality and away from Jakarta for the moment. Because we really do love Jakarta, it’s so beautifully chaotic. Jakarta is like that really hot ex-boyfriend you can never say no to, because he’s really unreasonably attractive, and even if he can be a bit of a d*ck sometimes, you know that at the end of the day he’s a sweetheart. We’re also nowhere near done exploring Indonesia, because it’ll take a lifetime to appreciate all its beautiful corners. Our experiences also taught us that every single time we leave Jakarta, and Indonesia – we fall in love with it just a little more, and we miss it just that little bit harder.

Map Location Direction Location Remote Relax Concept

But right now – right now we need a break. We need to go away for a little while. We have every intention of coming back, we just want to run away. Just for a bit.



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