Runaway Rants; Planning to Leave


Deciding to leave our jobs was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. By 30, both Tari and I had finally managed to straddle that delicate balance between finding what it is that that we’re good at, finding a company that would pay for our talents, and a working environment that was enjoyable. We’ve both had experience freelancing and oh boy was that a pain in the expletive deleted (I was told I should swear less, I’m trying, okay). If you’ve ever had to stare forlornly at an empty bank account because a client is late in sending payment – you know what we’re talking about. The struggle is real, you guys. It is real.


When we started to hate everything about working we really had to figure out if it was a passing phase or if it was a genuine problem that needed to be solved. While our initial meeting had us exclaiming expletives and shaking our fists at The Man, we did have to meet several times afterwards to see if leaving our jobs for Australia was worth doing, and if it was a smart thing to do.


We’re also pretty realistic, the Indonesian passport is sh*t – we have to apply for visas to go everywhere, and our currency leaves a lot to be desired, and while we have some money saved up – it’s nowhere near enough to allow us the kind of adventuring that we wanted. That is to say, for as long as it is possible or as far as we can go. We had to really figure out how to have a continuous source of income.


Freelance work


We’re one of those annoying people in coffee shops that can keep their heads buried in laptops for hours. We’re really quite lucky. Our freelance work can be done anywhere as long we have laptops and an internet connection. During the gap between resigning from our jobs and our leaving date, we’ve been stockpiling jobs and contacting people who could maybe, possibly, send some work our way.

Website development


tworunaways is still under development, but eventually we will have things on sale here, from (affordable!) itineraries to (super awesome) merch, etc. More than that, it’s our portfolio for clients to see a sample of our work, so that we could potentially work with anyone who needs content creators – wherever they are.

Working Holiday Visa


We’ve always been the type to – forgive me for using this cliché – work hard and play hard. The working holiday visa will allow us to have some measure of security. With it we can supplement our savings for travelling around Australia, and since Australia’s currency exchange rate is pretty good we have plans to save up a little to travel around some more once our visa is up.

Travel Trip Map Direction Exploration Planning Concept
We basically have plans A to Z, just in case. If you’ve read our posts on this website, you can see just how much we love back up plans. For us exploring the world has always been a luxury that we would save up for and figure out ways to achieve – this is of course great news for you, as we’ll be sharing all our tips to cut costs so you can travel more!


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