Runaway Rants; So Mote It Be


Hallucination (həˌlo͞osəˈnāSH(ə)n/), noun; an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present.

Halu; Indonesian slang for ‘halusinasi’, the Indonesian word for hallucination.

Slang usage; to indicate that someone is currently letting their mind wander off into another world. A state of imagination where one is not quite fully present in the real world.

tworunaways; in which two girls went from specific instances of ‘halu’, to eventually saying, ‘f*ck it, let’s just go all the way with halu, and imagine that our lives can be something more, even if it’s just for a short while.



Individually, Tari and I have always been dreamers who live at least 30% of our lives in the land of ‘what if’-s and ‘imagine if’-s, it was only a matter of time until the universe deemed it necessary for us to meet. Tari’s cousin Deste went to university with me, and she had mentioned that we should probably meet, as she thought we’d get along well. Before a time could be arranged, our kpop freak outs on the social media platform Path, put us in a collision course.

The story starts with Exo’s Growl. I never liked Exo before that – and I don’t think Tari did either. But mutual friends kept tagging the both of us and we’d have random conversations on Path. We’d occasionally also tag each other on fandom bits and bobs, but it never occurred to us to just add each other. We’d post photos that would spawn endless conversations that would last for days, only to be continued on the next post, and the post after that, ad infinitum. Mind you, it wasn’t just the two of us, there were at least five or six people involved in those threads!

It wasn’t until Got7 debuted that we decided to meet. I was freaking out all by my lonesome because I had been a fan of JJ Project beforehand.

Tari and Grooveboxita, another friend we met on Path, got really into the song around the same time. Writing our freak outs got tedious, and we decided to meet! One meeting turned into two, turned into a thousand. We’d watch videos together, scream out songs during karaoke sessions, and were pretty much shameless fangirls.


You can totally feel the awkwardness of our first meeting. LOL.

I think the first two or three times we met it was purely halu, we’d talk about boy groups and girl groups and kdramas we were watching, but eventually we ventured into talking about Real Life. With each of us going through random instances of frustration at work, weird stages of romantic entanglements, and just general conversation about life, and what it means to be truly alive – okay, so that last bit might be an exaggeration. But we did talk a lot about just about everything under the sun.


Over a plate of chicken we found out that we’re both geeks who do excessive research before we travel, and we’re both of the opinion that getting obsessed over history was perfectly normal, we voiced our opinionated views on politics and religion, and it was just the start to a very weird friendship. That friendship eventually lead to tworunaways. This website that we’re really quite proud of.


Captured by: Leonhard Dengah

The website eventually lead us, or me at least – to Leon. Who Tari met at church, while she taught Sunday school. Leon has travelled quite extensively around Indonesia, and became a source for us to ask about Indonesia. While he’s eager to participate in tworunaways, we have decided to dub him as our ‘upil’, or ‘booger’ in English. Our helpful tag-along errand boy, who will have to earn his keep for a feature here. By which we mean; we’re going to make him travel around Indonesia some more, while we traipse off to Australia.

And what exactly are we doing in Australia? Tomorrow will hold more answers!


BTS deseves a place in this post, as Tari lost her passport during a trip to see a BTS concert in Bangkok. Hahaha!

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