Jakarta, Indonesia; The Picture Perfect National Gallery of Indonesia


The National Gallery of Indonesia or Galeri Nasional Indonesia is a museum and art gallery that showcases the visual arts. While being a relatively new place of interest in Jakarta – it was established in 1999 – the building which houses the gallery is an old one that dates all the way back to 1817, when it was a residence built in the Dutch Indies colonial style.


Along with the rise of social media’s popularity, the gallery has enjoyed massive interest and attention, it’s not hard to see why – the work on display provides ample photo opportunities for profile photos and updates, and the courtyard outside of it has several ‘instagrammable’ spots.



The exhibition started with edible clay… edible clay!

The Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale (JCCB) first exhibited in 2009, and was initiated by two curators with a formal background in ceramics, Asmudjo J. Irianto and Rifky Effendy. Although they’ve entered their 4th incarnation of the event, this year was the first time I managed to see the exhibition, and I loved every second of it.


Although Galeri Nasional looks kind of solemn from the outside, the inside was very much a space where you can have a relaxed stroll from one part to another, and you can take your time reading all the little cards, and scrutinizing all the insane details that goes into the exhibited work. I went with my aunt and my cousins, as well as my 8 year old niece, so it was interesting to see which part of the exhibition drew our individual interests. It’s of no surprise to me that my family is more drawn to the weird and wonderful, rather than the pretty.

I was a little worried that my niece might get bored quickly, but the exhibition was unexpectedly loud. There were bright colours splashed everywhere, and blob-like characters that made all of us giggle, and it was literally loud – Electric Earth by Arya Pandjalu consisted of beautiful busts that clunked out noise though hammers hitting on the ceramic, all you had to do was flip a switch.

Ways of Clay ended in January, but if you visit Galeri Nasional’s website, they keep it pretty updated with information on what’s going on there, and they also have their 2017 schedule up so you can plan ahead if you’re visiting from faraway lands! They’re open every day from 09.00 – 16.00, except for Mondays and national holidays.


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