Runaway Rants; Just who the hell are we?


We’ve posted about a month’s worth of content on our website, and you’ve sort of gotten to know us, but we’ve never really been formally introduced. What better time for us to greet you than Valentine’s Day! Because we’re sweet like that. Ha!


Hello people! tworunaways consists of Tari and Atri, two girls who individually like to grumble about real life getting in the way of fun. Basically, Tari makes everything look pretty here at tworunaways, and Atri is the one who makes everything sound fun. And Leon… Well, he’s a lost soul we picked up along the way and adopted as our unofficial mascot. And chauffer. And photographer. And errand boy.



We’re both quite restless people, and yet in a lot of ways we’re lazy f*ckers who tend to only twitch when something interests us. And nothing gets us more excited than the promise of adventure – by adventure we actually just mean the promise of food, drink, or something pretty to see. We’re very easily distracted, which is why we love Jakarta, the city of a million and one things to see, do, and experience!


We first met over a shared love of kpop, for the record – EXO got us talking on social media, GOT7 got us actually meeting up. Our conversations eventually deviated into Life Problems territory, namely how much we love to eat and travel, and how our terrible jobs are taking up entirely too much time, but what can we do, we need the money.



We fully realized that despite our resistance to adulting, it’s just an inevitable part of our day-to-day. We’re not too fond of prolonged despair, and so was born tworunaways – Our way of coping with real life. A fun project about exploration and adventure. A recounting of our fast-fading youth! Okay that was a bit dramatic, but the gist of it is that we both realized just how much we loved to travel and to explore the world around us, and just how many stories we’ve accumulated through the years. Instead of grumbling over the fact that we actually do have to work, we figured we can properly document everything so we can appreciate the experiences we’ve had.

Travel Trip Map Direction Exploration Planning Concept

What better way to recount our escapades than by writing them down on our very own blog? Because why go halfway when you can go all the way. We initially planned to just continue going on our separate adventures and update the website whenever we could, but when crazy meets crazy, crazy happens. We quit our jobs. Things escalated quickly. We’re literally running away very soon. Although, we’re not sure you can call it ‘running away’ when you have things planned meticulously down to a T, but twoplannedescapes didn’t quite have the same ring to it as tworunaways.


We can’t quite divulge everything just yet! We have to leave some mystery here, but give us a week or two, and we’ll tell you everything. We promise. In the meantime, we still have plenty of stories to share. Past adventures and silliness that still need to be told. And hey, if you want to know more about us, or if you have any questions on the stories we’ve told you so far – drop us a line. We’re always more than happy to chat!


6 responses to “Runaway Rants; Just who the hell are we?

  1. Your blog seems interesting so I am going to follow and wait for more interesting posts! And I am always happy to read what other kpop fans/travellers have to say (I even got close to my best friend like you two, because of kpop). 🙂


  2. Randomly stumbled upon your blog because of a Japan-related post and I just followed you! I love how your names can spell each other’s names hehe! Quick question: what font do you use on your featured photos? 🙂


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